My Minds Mine

interview by - Tomasz Osuch
I guess that My Minds Mine is quite a well-known band among all grindcore fans. Unfortunately this Dutch band split up a few years ago and it is hard to say if they will ever be back to record something new in the future. I hope they will, but now, all you can get is this interview with the guitarist Shantia.
Hi Shantia! A couple of years have passed since My Minds Mine split up. Do you think that people still remember your band? Did you notice any increase or decrease in band`s popularity after that?

"Hi Tomasz. I have the feeling we are being remembered and if not, some people will help with that by releasing old stuff on CD. Just kidding, to be honest I do not know exactly, I do receive mail every now and then of people looking for My Minds Mine vinyl and shirts. But I cannot imagine there will be a increase of popularity after we quit playing doing gigs and making new songs."

It seems like we should start this interview from the most important thing, which is the cause of the My Minds Mine`s end. Why did it happen?

"That is something which I prefer not to go in detail. It just happened because there were some issues between some members which could not be solved easily. So we called it a day instead of looking for replacements."

You play in Blood I Bleed. What`s new in this band? Do you play in any other bands?

"We started Blood I Bleed after My Minds Mine quit and it my only band at this moment. We just recorded 6 songs (including a Negative Gain cover) for a split with Under Pressure. Also some songs for tributes have been recorded. I have done multiple bands at the same time, but it is hard to do for me as I am busy with many different things beside playing in a band."

Did guys from My Minds Mine join other bands or start with new bands? Are you in touch with them?

"In fact Bert (My Minds Mine bass player) sings and plays bass in Blood I Bleed. I just heard Ype (My Minds Mine drummer) started a crust/grind band, which is great. I do not know what Rosco is doing, but I am sure he will start up something. We see each other at local gigs sometimes.

I think that Holland has a really huge scene - one of the strongest in the world. Lots of cool death, grindcore and other bands. Do you like any of them? Do you have any favorite bands among the brutalizers from your country?

"To be honest I am not fully up to date to the Dutch death scene. I know some grind bands which are indeed cool, like Camp or Krush. I also like bands like Seeing Red, SAF, Kriegstanz."

A few months ago polish label Selfmadegod Records released your compilation CD entitled "48 Reasons To Leave This Planet". How did it all happen? Whose idea was that? Are you satisfied with the final effect?

"We had this plan for a while and when Karol and I discussed this, he was ready to release this thing. It happened quite fast, cause I had this CD in my hands about 4 weeks after we agreed.I am more than satisfied, I think that it is a good sampler of what we have released. Except for the two LP`s, every song is on it plus some more."

"48 Reasons To Leave This Planet" contains a live set from Rostock back in 2000. Why did you choose this very show to put on this CD? Was this concert special for you?

"We had this recording and because it was a kind of a special night for us (we drove more then 15 hours because of the extreme bad weather on X-mas night to play 25 minutes of our noise). We left the day before X-mas, did the gig, had a good time and drove back home, which took a loooong time! We came home and woke up on the 2nd X-mas day. We still talk about the madness of doing that ride, while local bands near Rosstock cancelled and did not play, hehe."

You played in such ‘exotic` countries like Japan and Poland (:-))... What are your personal impressions from these visits in these countries?

"I love playing in other countries. We have seen Holland after all these years. In fact I can play anywhere, also Holland, it does not matter to me at all. But I have very good memories about our trips to the countries you mentioned (except for the evil dog, Karol!) and I hope we can arrange a Polish tour in the fall of this year again."

As the title says, the album contains 48 songs. These are the songs taken from all your vinyl releases. Why did you choose 48 songs? Was it an effect of the title or vice versa?

"We just called it 48, because we had 48 songs to put on it. It could have been also 7 reasons... or something (or 666... if we had that many songs)."

Are you able to point these 48 reasons that would cause your escape from this shitty planet? Lots of things can piss us off, so reciting them should not be a problem...

"Well lots of our songs dealt with the social/environmental problems this planet has, so we thought this would be a cool follow up title of our last record "Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet"."

Do you think that sometime in the future another compilation album with My Minds Mine songs will be released? Do you have any more unique and rare songs which could be a cool surprise for your fans? I mean something like another grindcore assault compilation similar to "48 Reasons To Leave This Planet"...

"Like I said before this is in fact all we have except for the LP`s. I have some live tapes left (including Belgium/Holland /Japan) and also some demo tapes, so who knows."

You have released two full length albums, vinyl split releases with different bands, 7" "Unseen World". Would you be able to point the most important one in band`s career?

"I do not think I can give you an answer to this one. When we just started I liked our first LP a lot. I think this one was very important, because for a self released record it sold very well. Personally I like the later stuff a lot better.

As we said in the previous question, My Minds Mine released two full albums - "Between Soothing Consolation And Uncontrollable Madness" and "Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet" and it seems like today it`s really hard to get them. Don`t you think that re-editions are necessary in this situation?

"I don`t know, I still have a few copies of the "Scenes...." LP left, so in my house they`re not hard to get, hehe. I know there is a German distributor who took over a few hundred CD`s after Amenta quit.
I am not up to date of the first record. I think reedition is necessary when a record is rare and too high prices are being asked."

One of your songs is entitled "Why Don`t You Just Fuck Off?" Who was this song addressed to? Ex - girlfriends?

"Haha, no not girl friends, we don`t sing about girl stuff, besides the title/lyrics would have been way more brutal then! This song deals with some label people we dealt with and they ripped us off, just after we did the first LP/CD. It happened a few times, so we were angry as hell as, which you can imagine. These people know who they are and should be tortured, photographed and put on our next cover."

Thank you for this interview bro. I think we should finish this intie with such a question... is there any chance for My Minds Mine coming back to life?

"I have been asked this question more and more, hehe. There are always changes, but at the moment it is small, because we all have different bands/time costing hobbies now, but who knows. (hmm, now when I am thinking of it; what does it pay....?).

Anyway, thanx for doing this interview. If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to drop a line to: ."


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