interview by - Michał Kowalski

It's obvious Krabathor is known very well to every death metal maniac. So, no introduction is needed here. Krabathor has got a new line up, new album, and a new label too. These are enough reasons to contact Christopher for an in-depth chat. So, let's start!
First, let's turn back time for a moment. Why Bruno left Krabathor? After all he was so many years in this band. Are you still friends?
We had personal problems each other. We have been long time together and we don´t like to be together no more. It was better to split our ways . It was just the personal thing, nothing about the music and things like that. Sometime we are seen together on the gigs.

Did you hear Bruno's new band called Hypnos? What do you think about this kind of music?
:I heard something from their music and I have seen some shows, I think it´s OK.

Bruno was replaced by the one of the most legendary people at the death metal scene - Paul Speckmann. How came to this?
We have been on tour with Matevolent Creation, Master and Krabathor. On this tour we had enough time for jaming with Paul and we had decided to make some project band. In the end of last year we have done with Paul project called Martyr. Then later on we have had personals problems in the band. I have called Paul and asked him if likes to play with us. He have agreed and he is with us 7 months.

Many people may buy Krabathor's new CD only because of Paul Speckmann there (not because of the music). Aren't you affraid of that?
:No we aren´t. I guess we have done good stuff and people will like it , not just because of Paul, but because they will like the music.We are still powerful and aggressive and we have done this CD in the Krabathor vains.We don´t like Krabathor playing the same music as - for example - Master or Martyr. But of course new member always changes music but it isn´t so bad.

Isn't answering for the same questions about Paul S. in every interview boring for you (ha,ha)?
:You are right that all people asked me about but it isn´t boring form me because I like to tell people what´s going on with the band. It's better to speak about things around than people will start thinking that we are dead.

So let's talk about Krabathor's new CD. When and where was it recorded? Are you satisfied with the final effect?
:Our new CD is called UNFORTUNATELY DEAD and we are waiting for the release. We have released it under System Shock from Germany.We have recorded it in the studio called Shaark , here in Czech Republic. We have recorded 4 days and we have mixing 4 days.There are songs:
This Cd have over 46 minutes.

Another question about Paul S. (ha, ha). How much was he involved in creating the music for Krabathor's new CD?
Paul have done a few lyrics and some song and some riffs. Most of the material is from me because we would like keep this different bettween our bands. We would like Krabathor sounds like Krabathor. We don´t like do some changes in our style of the music.

Krabathor have never changed his style. It's not about the lack of progress in your music, but being very near to roots. Is it the same with your new album? (I hope so...)
:I guess you and all fans can have good sleeping. Everything is how it was meant to be. We don´t like change our music ,keep it brutal, strange, aggressive. Of course each of our CDs is different but in the same line of the Death metal.

And what about lyrics? Are you still masters of your own?
We have done a few lyrics with Paul and some not. Our lyrics are about the things around us. I guess that life is hard enough to do lyrics about it.

Now let's talk about Martyr. Whose idea was to form this project and why the line up is the same as in Krabathor?
:When we have worked on the Martyr we didn´t know that Paul will joine us. We have done project as members of Master and Krabathor.Then later on we have had problems in line up and I have called Paul and he have agreed to join us. He is living here in Czech Republic. He had found nice girl and I guess that we are happy together in band. We have a lot of ideas and things we would like to create.

Also Martyr's music is very similar to what Krabathor is presenting. People may feel cheated...
:Something can be simmilar something don´t. But we tryed do something different between Krabathor, Master and Martyr.I guess that new Krabathor is different from the Martyr. Paul is working on his Master demo and it´s completly different too.

Aren't you interested in playing different kind of music than death metal? For example doom, gothic, black...
:As you know I have done on LIES one song called BELIEVE and it was instrumental song. This kind of the music I like but this one is guitars thing. I don´t like to play some black or gothic. But I´m not against those kinds of music. I like some thing from those kinds of music.

New CDs of Krabathor and Martyr were released by Pavement Music. Why did you change the label? Weren't you satisfied of the job that Morbid Records had done for you?
We have released it under System Shock from Geramany, it isn´t Pavement now. We were with Morbid records long time. We would like to try something different. From the other hand we have got good offer from System shock.

From latest news... Krabathor plans to go for a tour in America/Mexico soon. What are your expectations?
:We would like support our band over there because we played there just one show in 1996 on Milwaukee fest. Now we have more shows in US and Mexico.

OK, that's all for today. Thanx for your time. I wish you all the best!!!
:Thanx for the interview and support of our band. I hope that fans will like our new CD and support us so well. Best regards...Christopher of Krabathor



Czy damy radę wpasować się w panujące dzisiaj trendy tego nie wiem. Mam nadzieję, że tak i płyta zdoła troszkę namieszać i odbije się to echem w środowisku. Mam też nadzieję, że będziemy w stanie pokazać, że scena ma się dobrze i zachęcić innych do tego że warto coś robić mimo tego, że się mieszka daleko od siebie.

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