interview by - Andrzej Papież
When I listened to "Liber Zar Zax" for the first time my head was smashed by those killer sounds. Centurian recorded the best their album for sure. And it's only their second CD! So, I can't even think what kinds of destructive albums they would record in the future. But in the meantime do yourself a favour and buy "Liber Zar Zax" and let those sounds smash your brain, but first check out this interesting interview with Centurian s drummer Wim! Wim, at the beginnig I would like to know what the hell Centurian exists for? (:-)

"CENTURIAN exist for two main reasons, which have everything to do with each other. First, we like to spread our lyrics throughout the entire planet and second we like to make the best Death Metal possible. By making the best Death Metal possible, the band gets known across the world very good which is causing our lyrics to spread as well and vica versa."

I've had "Liber Zar Zax" in my collection for a three weeks now and I can't get it out of my Cd player. Can You tell me why?!

"'Cause "Liber ZarZax" has it all: Damned good and brutal yet technical Death Metal, a great sound and a very interesting lyrical concept. Also the songs are sometimes very cathy and won't go out of your head for ages (or out of the CD player in your case!!!)"

I think that "Liber Zar Zax" is a real killer album. You've changed a lot since "Choronzonic chaos gods". I can say that Centurian is not the same band as it was two years ago!

"Thanks, CENTURIAN improved a lot last year. First, Rob and I got better in making songs and playing our instruments. Second; we recruted two new members who lifted CENTURIAN a whole level higher. After we kicked out Seth and Patrick, our former singer and bassplayer, we found Jerry and Oskar, both former playing in Zi Xul. Jerry is our new frontman/bassplayer/singer, a guy with great performing abilities and able to make very clear what CENTURIAN stands for on stage. Oskar is our new additional guitarplayer. He's damned good playing his Gibson flying-V, but he also is our lyrical editer. Next to helping out with the music, Oskar helps Rob with the lyrics. He's been studying the occult for years and is a real asset in making the CENTURIAN lyrics the best and most interesting in the scene.
So, at one hand we are still the same CENTURIAN ' cause we're still doing the same thing as before, at the other hand the band has improved a lot and became much more interesting since the new members arrived."

I found lots of satanic symbols on "Liber Zar Zax". Drawnig conclusions from this, Centurian can be called a satanic band, right?

"Yep, CENTURIAN is a Satanic band !!!"

The idea of your lyrics comes from Enochian System of Magic. Thankfuly to it men can visit higher spiritual spheres... Zax is tenth one of those spheres... so, how does it deal with Satan?

"Well, in the first place, not all of the lyrics deal with this same specific topic, but can be seen as a collection of spiritual thoughts and explorations of different gratitudes.To answer your part of the question, how we see both topics connected, can be described in the following context: In the Realm of Zax, everything is possible! It is a place of total chaos! The name Zarzax can be given to any Force or Entity that deals with Evil. So Satan can be added to that list and be considdered as a part of Zax. Although one can seperate Satan from the Enochian system of Magick, there are similarities at hand. One thing leading towards the other, so to speak. In dealing with spirituality, the explorer has a total freedom of how he or she wishes to determine what works for him/her. Do what thou willt! Whatever floats your boat!"

The cover art work of "Liber Zar Zax" is a well done one. And the way the paintings were done seems familiar for me. Who did the whole lay out of of this album?
"Problably someone you know, namely the Polish Jacek Wasniewsky. He also works for Vader and some other well known bands. The painting is a impression of Hell like how we see it with the demon Choronzon reigning there."

So, why the layout of "Choronzonic chaos gods" is so, lets say, unprofessional, comparing to your new one?

"First our new label Listenable Records work very professional instead of our former label who hadn't the best campanies to work with. For the new "Liber ZarZax" CD we also had a budget for the cover and we found someone who could visualize our ideas very well. About the "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" cover: the painting was intentional done in that color, it's made of real blood. Rob made it in his own blood to make sure how serious he is with the lyrics and lyrical concept of CENTURIAN."

How does the song-writting process work in Centurian?
"Rob comes up with ideas and together with Oskar they work it out and make it fit in the whole concept."

At the moment you're recording for Listenable records. How can you compare their work to your previous record label, Fullmoon?

"That's almost un-comparible. Listenable Records works very professional and is focused on quality, Full Moon also did good things but they work with bad companies. Full Moon is just a medium that releases CDs, Listenable Records are more managing the band and they help with all their efforts. Next to releasing the CDs, they help promoting CENTURIAN through the entire world; they set up gigs and tours; sell and make merchandise; set up interviews etc. etc. We are very pleased to be on that label."

Guys from Mangled told me that your live shows are amazing. Will you agree with him, ha, ha? Are there any plans for tour in Europe, or even States?

"Of course I agree with the Mangled maniacs ha ha ha. Our live shows are indeed going very well and we rehearse a lot to make them even better. We are very focused on a good sound and at the right equipment which helps a lot making our performances brutal but damned tight and good. We have very big planns for the coming months and years. This period we mainly do gigs in holland, Germany and Belgium but next year we play gigs in Denmark, France, Poland and problably in the US too. Next to the gigs I arrange, our label is trying to get CENTURIAN at a big European tour next year. We hope to announche this in a short time."

Can you tell me if there was any funny situation on one of your concerts or tours? What was it?

Last week a drunk retard was going crazy at a gig in Holland. The funny thing:.......... he was the most normal person in the audience."

Wim, you're the fastest drummer I ever heard. How long do you play? How often do you practise? And who is your drum-god?

"I don't think I am the fastest drummer around, but because I play 'old school' fast drumparts it sometimes appears faster then others. I play in the old style with 'underhands - one bass - blast' beats, instead of using my two feets, the same way my master 'Pete Sandoval' does. I also play without electronic stuff, triggers or what-so-ever, I play the drums myself and no computer does help me out, they way it should be !!! I started playing the drums about 14 years ago and I have played in 5 bands till I know play in my destination band CENTURIAN. I rehearse only once a week with the band and next to that we play gigs in the weekends. For me there is only one drum-god and that is Morbid Angel's Pete Sandoval. No one can be compared to him. Pete can not just play one style, he playes everything which makes him the best ever. Maybe at CDs you sometimes hear other drummers that you think are better but when you see Pete on stage you forget about all others immediatly. Ofcourse there are some other drummers who are great, like Max from Krisiun, Doc from Vader, Tony (Angel Corpse / Nile), Derek (Nile) and many more. Also some oldies like Rob Reiner (Anvil), Gene Hoglan (Death, Dark Angel), are among my favourites."

Which albums released this year you like most? I can mention Exmortem "Berzerker legions" and Centurian "Liber Zar Zax", ha, ha. But latest Mirbid Angel sucks, don't you think?

"Yes, the Exmortem and CENTURIAN CDs rule ha haha. Also the new Rebaelliun is amazing. I don't agree with what you said about Morbid Angel. Their latest CD is different, but it doesn't suck. It's just that I used to play Morbid Angel CDs to go crazy and now I play Morbid Angel when I'm in the mood to listen to relaxed metal. But they are still at the top of the Death Metal scene and their gigs prove that."

Let me know one thing... What will you do if someone put a memory of serial killer in your brain ?

"Very simple: I will kill !!!"

What was the most stupid question that someone asked you in the interview?

"The question: "What was the most stupid question that someone asked you in the interview?" ha hahahaha"

Here in Poland people listening to metal or any satanic music have some problems with Church and Government... Do you have same problems in Holland?

"With my former band Inquisitor some churches tried to stop a gig but that's all and they didn't succeed. In most cities in Holland we can play what we want, I haven't heard of problems with Church and Government, except for some little local exceptions. We have freedom of speech in holland and because of that we can't be stopped and mostly can do what we want."

What do you think, that, they say, Marilyn Manson inherit The First Priest of Black Church title after it's creators death?

"I don't take Marilyn Manson very seriously and the same goes for the Black Church."

You're promoting Centurian intensive through the internet. What is your opinion about webzines, band's sites etc. Which of them are the best?

"The internet is the new medium to promote your band. When you have a good connection and a good website you have the world at your feet; everybody can find you and you can find everybody with just a simple 'click' Therefor I think it's very important having a good website, with as much information as possible. For CENTURIAN I made the CenturianChaos.com site with the normal pages (news, gig, bio, pictures etc.) but also with a lot of information concerning our lyrics and their explanations. Their's one big disadvantage of the www: I get over 100 mails a day and it cost me a great deal of my time to answer the mails ha hahaha."

Thank You Wim for answering. All the best with Centurian. Hope we'll meet in the near future on your show!

"Also many thanks to you Andy for letting me explain some facts around CENTURIAN (You're always welcome in Masterful, You know that Wim - red). We problably play two gigs in Poland next February (15 and 16) and we hope to meet lots of Polish freaks there. More information about this and other CENTURIAN facts can be read at www.CenturianChaos.com or www.Listenable.net Spread the word !!!!"

Last minute news:
The "Liber ZarZax" LP version will be released by German Perverted Taste records very soon !!!
In the US the "Liber ZarZax" CD will be released by Olympic Recordings in January 2002 !!!


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