Cock and ball torture

interview by - Andrzej Papież
Cock and ball torture. What a pretty name for the band ?? Don't you think ? CBT hailing from Germany is great grind/death/gore band, which released debut CD few months ago on Shreeded records. Have you ever thought about covering Sabrina;s hitsong Boys, boys, boys" ?? I mean Balls, balls, balls"... After few listenings to CBT Opus (sy) VI" CD I'm still speaking about balls... Every single word sounds like ball", I see balls everywhere... and you'll too... Anyway, read this shit and say: Lick my balls, bitch Hello Sascha !! Any anal canals penetrated tonight
"Cheers Andy, well no anal fucks at all tonight, just some wanks...hehe!!! I need to wank everyday 'cause I can't concentrate with it... especially when answering such
questions... haha..."

I ve heard that anal sex is forbidden in Germany, is it truth If so, Im really sorry, he, he...
"WHAT You must be joking man, why should anal sex be forbidden her in Germany We have tons of beautiful butts to be spanked, fucked and licked!!!! Where did you get this info from What is life without anal sex I guess we had to wank the whole day but that's not the problem man, if you know what I mean..."

Ok... Let's talk some about music. I must admit that "Opus (sy) VI" is far much better then your previous mcd "Cocktales" ! It sounds better. Looks better and it's much longer. Great anal work!!
"Thanx a lot for your nice words about "Opus(sy) VI" bro, we definitely like it much more than "Cocktales", too 'cause it is much more powerful with many bulldozer grooves and shit like that and of course the vocals have improved... and it is pretty usual I guess that a CD is longer than an MCD, right (think about it...hehe)....I guess you have to wank, too to concentrate on your questions !!!!!! Just a joke man, don't think about it too long... anyway, about the booklet, it is also better than the other shit we did 'cause I think it fits more to the musick we do... BULLDOZER BONDAGE GORE !"

Where did you find such a great and perverse photos for your cover and art work This woman licking that tattooed thing (penis) on the cover makes my dick harder and harder!!
"We get the stuff we need from the internet although there is always the problme that somebody else could use the same pics, but I searched very hard for these ones and I don't think that somebody else will ever use them... the bitch on the cover is licking a mans arm, no penis !! Have you ever seen an erected penis It looks totally different, just open your trowser and see what you can find... I guess you are thinking about sex, anal fucks, blowjobs etc..the whole day, otherwise I can't imagine how to create such thoughts... don't feel attacked man, me TOO !!!"

Sorry, but my penis is big like a drum stic, so think... it's even bigger then mans arm, ha, ha. By the way. What means title of your album "Opus (sy) VI" Will your next album be titled "Penis (sick) IV"
"Well, the title actually means serious, I just thought that this title is a perfect one for this CD and it was usually ment to represent the sixth release of CBT, but it wasn't the sixth one !!!! What a fuck, some releases delayed until now so it should be better entitled "Opus(sy) IV" is not that interesting but CONGRATULATIONS !!! You are the first one asking me this question, that means you think about it and that's cool !!! Hemp Wow, "Penis(sick) VII" would be a damn naughty title for one of our next releases, we'll think about it so don't be scared when reading it someday !!!"

Let's go to titles of your tracks. Some of them are funny changes of existing tracks of other bands. Lets see "Vulvurine cooze blues" comes from "Wolverine blues" by Entombed, and "Spank me-fuck me-fill me" comes from ".Hold me, kill me, thrill me" by U2. Right
"It true that we have some funny song titles and your questions is very intelligent concerning the "Wolverine Blues" 'cause this is exactly the songs we got the idea from to creat "Vulvurine Cooze Blues" ! I'm really surprised !!! But that song "Spank Me- Fuck Me-Fill Me" does for sure not come from U2 !!!!! Arrghh, I fucking hate this band and I would never take any inspiration from such bullshit mainstream faggots !!!!!!
This was a title dreated by our own !!!!!! So you don't get the jackpot this time!!!"

Uuuhhh, I think you like animals... With titles like "Panda penis or "Coala cunt" you must like Australian animals...
That's definitely true !! We like animals and we had a time when we searched just for strange animals to take them into out songtitles !!! Just have a look on the songtitles of our Split-MCD with LIBIDO AIRBAG and you'll know what I mean ! Australian animals are cool but we like the germans, too... we like all animals around the world !!!

I saw you guys playing on Obscene extreme festival in Czech. It was quite interesting show. But why didnt you use any special effects like naked whores fucking with dildo or something like that
Thanx a lot, we also liked the show and especially the whole crowd and the festival !!! It is the best festival we have in Europe ! We'll have a tour in CZ in April with INGROWING, LYKATHEA AFLAME, ISAACARUM and some local supports, so you can bring along some polish sluts dancing and masturbating on stage while play ! We don't have such girls on our own, a pity..."

How did you like this festival For me it was great anal pleasure to see all that brutal bands playing, drinking and cuming!!! . You were wearing beautiful long sleeves with CBT logo on it there. Are they still in your merchandise
As I said before the festival was GREAT !!! It was a cool experience for us to see so many people into Grind/Gore/Death musick in CZ, so many great bands playing there !!! It was definitely a real pleasure 'cause we only met nice people we talked with and had a lot of fun ! We would come every year if we can !!! Yeah, we have some hooded sweatshirts with the logo on front and some shit on the back, but we just did a few ones for ourselves. But we will have shirts to come very soon on Shredded Records. Watch out.......we are also planing to do some Longsleeves on our own, but we will just sell them on our own !"

Your last CD was released through Shredded records. How do you like co-operation with that label
No, we don't have any contract or whatever with is more that frienship work whcih keeps us together. He has also released the second edition of "Cocktales" MCD and we were very happy with his work. It is a difficult sorty about that CD and the way it was released so I'm not going to tell you the whole story, we have something like a contract with Subzero Rec.(Germany), but they had no money to produce it so we released it on Shredded Records and these two labels share the money the get for our CD... that's the short version of this story."

Your previous releases were splits with Squash bowels and Grossmember. So, I think that you like polish bands, right What do you think about polish scene
Damn, I like polish bands very much ! Squash Bowels rules, they are one of my favourites !!!!! Grossmember is laso cool although they are more Death orientated... anyway, Poland breeds many cool bands e.g. Vader, Reinfection, Squash Bowels, Neuropathia, Grossmember... I guess there is a cool scene in your country, am I right It seems so, but I can't say if it is. I just know that there are many freaks out there in Poland supporting the bands and that many people write Magazines and stuff and that is very great !!!!! Like yours brother..."

Your coming release will be split with Utopie, polish-german band. I have their "Instinct for existence" CD and I think it's brilliant. Do you
Well, this releases in cancelled in the meanwhile 'cause it has delayed for more than two years now and we are really pissed of with waiting and waiting again, but we will have other releases as SPlit7"EP w/Last Days Of Humanity, Split 4way CD w/Filth/Downthroat/Neuropathia, and a Split MCD w/ Disgorge (Mex) and of course a second full lenght in summer 2001. Anyway, I lost ma way, ahh...back to Utopie, they are one of my very best friends and we meet twice a week and have lots of fun and dope. I like their CD very much, too !! Perhaps we will have another opportunity to have a Split-release with them, we'll see..."

Before you joined CBT you were playing in Pared amnion. What can you tell me about this band
Really nothing 'cause the band split a few years ago, so it is totally senseless to talk about it, sorry..."

Do you have girlfriends or groupies And what kinds of sex do you making with them
We don't have any grils at the moment, so we have to wank, wank, wank... We also don't have any groupies, but it would be really cool to have some nice blowjob after a gig or whatever, smoking some weed, a cold beer and a girl between your legs. WOW!!!!!!! We are still waiting, so all pussies reading this: Show us your tits!!!!, hahahaha"

What your parents think about your music and extreme musical image
Well, our parents are totally behind us. They are, let's say proud or something that we play musick !!!! Of course they don't like this kind of musick, but that doesn't count. I'm very happy 'cause my parents are very very tolerant and they are just GREAT!!! They support us in every way... THANX mom and dad !!!"

And where from comes the idea of name CBT
We searched very very long for a suitable bandname. One day I watched a TV show or something and it was about sex etc... any they had a report about COCK AND BALL TORTURE and at that point I was totally obsessed by this name and the whole cirumstances it bring along. CBT is the perfect name for our band and for our musick I think that's the whole story, I guerss you have awaited something more tragical and exciting... sorry !!"

Ok... Sascha. The interview is over. You can fuck something at the end. Best regards and thanx for this anal interview.
O.K. Andy, first of all I want to thank you very very much for this intie !! It was a real pleasure for me and a also great opportunity to promote CBT a little bit more in Poland !!!!! I support your work man, GRIND RULES!!!!!!!! Support it !!!!!!!! Perhaps we can meet someday and have a nice beer and perhaps a girl between our legs.............keep it sick in the meanwhile and thanx for your support !!!!!!!!!!!!! We have just finished the recordings for th Split-MCD with DISGORGE (Mex) is ment to be out in the end of March, we'll see..."

Sascha Pahlke; Heinrichstr. 12; 83352 Altenmarkt; Germany;


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